1. General provisions

  1. Publication of ads is accepted only from registered users.
  2. YOPT Supplier Portal is designed to publish offers. only from wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and buyers of goods.
  3. All information about suppliers and customers added to the site by the users themselves, or taken from public sources such as directories, catalogs, yellow pages, the Internet.
  4. The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the proposals.
  5. The site administration has the right to optimize the text without prejudice to the author, preserving its meaning. For example, make the heading shorter, correct errors in the text, etc.
  6. It is forbidden to insert external links in the "Description" field, as well as create a publication, the main purpose of which is to leave a link to your site. At the discretion of the administration, users violating this rule can block access to the site by blocking the account, or blocking access by IP and links, sometimes ads will be completely removed.
  7. Comments with insults, policies, advertisements, non-topical information, with external links inserted and any other spam actions will be deleted, and the commentator may be blocked at the discretion of the administration.
  8. The site administration may unilaterally delete the content in case the offer is no longer relevant.

2. Supplier Publishing

  1. Only offers from wholesale suppliers of goods are accepted for publication.
  2. Offers only to retailers can only be accepted from manufacturers of goods!
  3. The portal is designed to accommodate offers from manufacturers and suppliers of goods. Service providers are not accepted for publication!
  4. The title of the campaign (announcement) must contain the name of the supplier’s organization (LLC, IP, etc.) and only then the offer.
  5. Header must not exceed 75 characters. Write the title briefly and to the point.
  6. FORBIDDEN! Write in the title of the address of sites, as well as the words "Buy". "Promotion", "Sale" itd
  7. It is forbidden to place an offer in the category that is not thematic for this offer. All offers placed not in the relevant categories will be moved at the discretion of the site administration to the most appropriate categories.
  8. Placing links in the description field is strictly prohibited! For links there is a special field "Company Website".
  9. Contact information from the Description field will be deleted. For contact data there are separate fields.
  10. Duplication of offers is prohibited! A duplicate means the offer of the same goods on behalf of one company in several announcements. Duplicates will be deleted by the site administration without notice to the author. Please list all your products and features of cooperation in a single announcement (offer)
  11. Comments in your own proposal, duplicating the proposal itself, or comments that are useless for users as well as spam comments will be deleted without warning the author at the discretion of the site moderators.

3. Bulk Buyer Publishing

  1. Only offers from wholesale buyers of goods are accepted for publication.
  2. Offers to search for services for publication are prohibited and will be deleted.
  3. Header must not exceed 75 characters. Write the title briefly and to the point.

4. Add and remove providers to the blacklist

  1. Only registered users can add information to the section.
  2. Responsibility for the information provided in the section is borne by the authors of the publication (complaint).
  3. The administration of the portal on its part requires the provision of any supporting documents \ screenshots \ photos confirming the essence of the complaint.
  4. We do not resolve disputes between the parties on complaints.
  5. The site administration does not delete the pages with complaints at the request of the supplier that is added to the black list, because it contradicts the very meaning of the existence of the section, and the freedom of information in the network.
  6. If you do not agree with the feedback left by your company, use the comments to resolve the issue with the author of a negative review.
  7. In some cases, at the request of the supplier for which the complaint was written, the Email of the author of the publication may be provided to resolve the dispute in direct communication between the parties to the participants.
  8. The author of the review at any time, at his own discretion, can remove the page added to the "black list" if the conflict between the parties has been resolved, or in any other case without the consent of the site administration.

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