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Auto parts wholesale and retail GAZ, ZMZ, PAZ, UAZ, UMP, KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, VAZ and others ..

The direction of auto parts for us is a priority, and the special preference is given to the range of spare parts of the domestic manufacturer. For the convenience of the search, each of the sections existing in the catalog is divided into several subgroups, all in accordance with the structure of the car. There are items such as:

"Exhaust system";
"Power system", etc.

Auto parts for the Gazelle wholesale

Spare parts are widely presented in this section, which are produced for cars created by the Gorky Automobile Plant, as well as for those cars created on the basis of GAZ cars.

The GAZ plant, undoubtedly, occupies a leading place among domestic car manufacturers. It produces a lot of a variety of models that have long won the trust of our citizens and are very popular. Among them are both cars and trucks, as well as various special equipment.

Spare parts for GAZ wholesale in Nizhny Novgorod

It happened so traditionally that it was the Gorky Automobile Plant that became the main supplier of the truck direction of cars, which are widely in demand in agriculture, as well as traditional all-wheel drive trucks for our army. And business representatives are invited to consider the option of commercial vehicles such as Sobol and Gazelle.

Also became very famous car brand "Volga", intended for the middle class.

Our customers will be able to easily buy GAZ auto parts in Nizhny Novgorod at an affordable price and in excellent quality, and the presented range will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

All components offered by us on the market, the original production, and with all the necessary certificates. In addition to the purchase of products directly in stock, pre-order is possible with subsequent delivery to the house to the buyer.

Auto parts for UAZ

Here, by default, there are spare parts for vehicles produced by JSC UAZ, which has become the undoubted leader in the automotive industry, producing the best Russian off-road vehicles.

UAZ fit equally well for work and leisure. And, as a rule, such powerful machines do an excellent job with any task, even in the absence of roads.

You will have a decent selection of auto parts for UAZ cars, which you can buy in any of the above methods.

The price is available to every car enthusiast, and the quality meets all the necessary parameters and certificates, with the provision of a guarantee by the manufacturer.

Among all UAZ vehicles, the most popular are the UAZ Patriot and the UAZ Hunter, and it is their components that are in high demand. Patriot appreciate, above all, for its excellent driving performance, and Hunter has established itself as a truly versatile SUV.

Auto parts for VAZ

All models produced by Volzhsky Automobile Plant are well known to every resident of the former Soviet country.

Lada Kalina, Niva, Oka, VAZ, Priora - all spare parts suitable for them can be found in our catalog, and then you can buy them.

Undoubtedly, the car owner will be pleased with both the price level and the quality of original spare parts necessary for excellent service of VAZ cars. Here, every car enthusiast will be able to solve problems related to spare parts.

- all original parts

-the presence of all necessary certificates.

- large assortment in stock

- pre-order is possible with the subsequent home delivery to the buyer

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