We make volume cribs-typewriters

Increase the income of your furniture business as early as next month. Start selling bulk 3D car beds

Someone thinks that the car is not a luxury - but a means of transportation. At the same time, the appearance, engine power, beautiful and comfortable interior are surplus.

For someone, a home is a place where it comes to spend the night, and such things as interior, comfort and warmth are optional attributes that you can do without.

Such people believe that a bed is a place where you can put your body at night, and no matter how comfortable and beautiful this place is.

Such people, like their opinion, have the right to exist.

We in the Romack Group think differently. We do not want to exist. We want to live.

To live a life filled with communication with beautiful interesting people. Inspiring books and movies. Beautiful and functional things.

We are sure that the beauty and convenience of the things around make life more interesting, pleasant, comfortable and rich.

We bolster our confidence with action.

For almost 10 years, we have been producing beautiful volume baby cots, which please both children and their parents.

During this time, more than 15 000 children of their parents appreciated the bright, unusual design and practical functionality of our beds.

Some of them have become our regular customers, buying a crib car for their younger kids.

You can also appreciate the advantage of bright, voluminous 3D beds of Romack machines and, together with your child, become the happy owner of a bed that will become a real decoration of your house or apartment and will delight you, your children and surprise guests.

Romack Group is a company that has been producing lifelike plastic beds for almost 10 for years.

Thanks to our beds, children happily go to bed. They do not have to persuade to sleep separately from their parents!

Products are in demand throughout Russia and abroad. In our beds, babies sleep from Minsk to Vladivostok.

Cots can be equipped with additional options:

  1. Comfortable orthopedic mattress that will help your child get better sleep, and strengthen his health;
  2. Highlighting the bottom;
  3. Leather interior;
  4. Laundry box
  5. And others...

We are happy to deliver your cots anywhere in the country by the transport company to the warehouse and / or home / office.

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