Factory plaids 1

Blankets are part of the comfort of each dwelling. Each house has a warm woolen blanket, in which it is so nice to spend the evening watching TV with a cup of hot tea. Production of blankets is a creative process in which different specialists are involved. Designers develop a sketch of the model, technologists pick up the yarn, and the masters - bring ideas to life. Production of blankets is a coordinated work of the whole team and a great opportunity for everyone to realize their ideas. Knitting blankets to order - our work!
Depending on the season, at the request of the customer, our company can knit blankets of various types:
Wool blankets are made of wool, create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in every home.
Cotton blankets made of 100% cotton will help to decorate the bedroom in an original way and allow the body to breathe during the summer heat;
Acrylic plaids of high quality acrylic are decorative, but can be used for other purposes. For example: an advertising company for a large manufacturer.