Wooden Toys Studio - a manufacturer of wooden toys

The Russian production of developing wooden toys LLC PeterTransPak, represented by TM “Wooden Toys Studio”, offers you a unique cooperation. We will help you to increase your receipt from each buyer of toys and provide you with everything you need.

5 advantages in favor of Wooden Toys Studio

  • The assortment matrix of our products is focused on people of different social levels and needs, which significantly increases the audience of customers.

  • Repeated repeated purchases. Several items of our products call for action to buy additional components from the line. For example, we offer the buyer a choice:

1 version: Small house for dolls with furniture and repair kit (paints, paper, textiles)
2-oh option: A large house for dolls with a kit for repair, but without furniture. Furniture set can be purchased separately.
Also, other series can always be supplemented. For example, "Collect a collection of animals" or in the series "Develop-ka" you can always buy new benefits and toys as your child grows and develops.

  • Design and trade display. With mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, we provide you with free branded racks for our products, as well as catalogs and other POS - materials.

  • Advice and support. We will teach each of your seller a good knowledge of the goods.

Provide educational materials. Also, we will select motivation programs from the manufacturer for sellers with contests and valuable prizes.

  • 100% return on marriage and claims. We are absolutely confident in the quality of our goods and in the case of objective claims we immediately replace them.
  • House with a tree
  • Styracosaurus