Furniture-Comfort furniture production

Furniture-Comfort LLC offers to supply case furniture with the possibility of delivery to any region of the Russian Federation.

Furniture series

  • Logic LDSP 22 + 16mm PVC edge 2mm and 0,4mm
  • MO 501LDSP 22 + 16mm, PVC edge 2mm and 0,4mm
  • Director of chipboard 32 + 16mm, PVC edge 2mm
  • Sigma LDSP 16 + 16mm

Technical capabilities

The full cycle of production of cabinet furniture from cutting plate materials to the delivery of finished products to the warehouse.

Production capacity


  • Format-raskroyechny center "Schelleng" 1pcs
  • Edgebander Novimat 2pc
  • Drilling and additive machine "Griggio" -27 4pcs
  • Format-raskroyechny machine "Altendorf-F45" -2pcs
  • Milling machine FSSH-345 1pcs
  • Curved edgebanding machine "Cekhiz" 2pcs
  • Drilling and filler CNC center "Meris"

Own area:

  • Industrial premises S 1000м2
  • Production warehouse (glass processing section + warehouse set) S600м2
  • Warehouse S1200м2

Supporting documents

  • Declarations of compliance with the requirements of the CU RF
  • ISO certificate 9001-2015
  • Certificate CT-1 (confirming the country of origin of goods - Russia)

Production and warehouses are located in the industrial zone of the city of Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region. (satellite city of Yekaterinburg), pos. Leninsky, 35. Convenient access to the Chelyabinsk, Perm and Tyumen tracts.

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