firm "RASAA" working and special shoes wholesale

Welcome to LLC PACAA, a Russian manufacturer of special shoes, to protect your feet from dangerous influences and general industrial pollution.

We produce leather shoes molding method of fastening the sole of such types as PU-TPU (base sole) and PU-ThermoIz-NITRILE (customized position). In all models we use chrome-tanned leather 1,8-2 mm thick. You can also choose the material toe metal or composite (custom position) and the presence of antiprokolno insoles, as well as a special insole to protect against vibration. Our shoes provide the necessary temperature and increased wearing comfort.

The company is certified according to the system of international standards MS ISO 9001: 2008 Certificates are presented on our website

The performance characteristics of materials can be found in the catalog. You can also order samples of our shoes in the required quantity. Delivery to the transport company in the city of Kursk - at our expense. Order from any quantity. There is a warehouse program and weekly logistics to Moscow.

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