Plastic boxes for mushrooms and berries

We produce and sell new plastic boxes.

Size: 400 * 300 * 110 mm. Weight: 218 gr. Volume: 9 lit.

Material: polypropylene. Color: black and blue.

Features: fully perforated and stackable.

Boxes are used to store and transport mushrooms, berries and fruits.

Ship from pallet (230 pcs.). Two places of shipment of finished products.

Productions are located in the south and north-west of the Moscow region.

Cost from 19 rub. Any payment options (cash, b / n, b / n with VAT)

Prices depend on the form of payment and the quantity in the order.

To clarify the information of interest call.

Tel. for communication: 8-901-526-04-59

  • Plastic mushroom box 400 * 300 * 110mm