Dietary supplement based on Shiitake's healing Mushroom

In 2003, the staff of the Practice of Health Clinic found a unique way to process the nutritional value of the Shiitake mushroom, necessary to fully maintain the body and strengthen its immune system, including after various serious diseases such as: AIDS, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, sugar diabetes, etc.
The staff of our clinic brought all the beneficial properties of the Shiitake mushroom to a specific formula that helps improve the condition of the human body and maintain its immune system.
Our company aims to produce a high-quality and innovative product that will help the human body to feel better, more invigorated and more stable.
Each of our products (BAA) consists of Shiitake mushroom in different concentrations and has its healing properties, having its own advantage, applied to specific types of diseases.
Biologically active additives:
1) SHII-TAKE - has antitumor and antiviral effects, stimulates the immune system of the person as a whole, helps with cancer and cardiovascular diseases;
2) IMPERATIVE MUSHROOM (male formula) - mainly used for diseases of the male urinary tract and urinary system, kidney disease;
3) SLEEP FOOTAGE MUSHROOM (hepatic formula) - mainly used for cirrhosis of the liver, jaundice, liver damage from alcohol and toxins;
4) MUSHROOM GINSENG (female formula) - balances the hormonal status of a woman, improves her condition in case of premenstrual syndrome and during climacteric changes.

  • Dietary supplement "SHII-TAKE"
  • Dietary supplement "IMPERIAL MUSHROOM"
  • Biologically active additive "MUSHROOM GINSENG"
  • Dietary supplement "SLEEVE BUDDHA"