Limeopt - wholesale clothing from China

We offer cooperation for retail outlets, online stores, showrooms, startups, joint ventures:

Youth popular streetwear-style clothing WHOLESALE with price list from 1500 positions and the possibility of a retail markup 100-500%!

• Deliveries from the manufacturer!

• Accordingly - low prices and high quality!

• Brands that are always in demand: Supreme, Stussy, Vans, Nike, Palace, Thrasher, etc!

• Jackets, sweatshirts, T-shirts, pants, shoes, hats, etc.! Different sizes!

• Marriage check MANUALLY!

• Order processing for 1 day, sending tomorrow!

• Delivery of 2-8 days in Russia and Kazakhstan!

• 14 days return guarantee!

• Minimum order 20 000р.

• Fast solution speed!

• Assist in promoting your store and finding customers!

  • Supreme Sweatshirt