Perfumery oils (Extract) France

I offer Original French perfume oils (Extrait)
The declaration is available on (Extrait) manufacturer France.
In the presence of a wide range of selective and luxury flavors.
Oils can be used in pure form, it is enough to grind 2 drops in the neck, resistance of the extract more than 10 hours.
Also diluted to a concentration of Perfume 100ml Extract on 1L alcohol.
The displacement goes 100ml, 1L.
Minimum order 100ml flask.
Across Moscow delivery by courier.
In Regions sending Sdek, Business lines, and any TC.
Below is a quote when ordering.

Lists of flavors are presented in (GALLERY)

Piece flask 100ml - 3000p
From 3pcs to 100ml - 2700p
From 5pcs to 100ml - 2400p
From 8pcs to 100ml - 2000p

Piece 1L - 9000p (9p goes beyond 1ml)

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