Aleinikosky incubator sells a day-old bird and laying hens

In the Aleinikovsky Incubator, you can buy day-olds and grown-up chickens (broilers), goslings, ducklings (including the mulard), turkey poults and mixed fodder. Find out the price and volume.

Products are sold in Moscow, Bryansk, Lipetsk, Oryol, Belgorod, Tambov regions.

Our company has a convenient location for transportation to the northern regions, bird protection 99%. We realize the bird both daily and under-breeding. All necessary vaccinations, veterinary treatments are carried out under the strict control of the district and regional veterinary services. All documentation for the transport of poultry in any direction is issued in full.

We accept applications for young birds: the first production line (pure blood), delivery to the regions by specialized transport, we work with wholesale buyers, an individual approach to each client,
free consultations, delivery of feed, a flexible system of discounts, we provide deliveries up to 50 000 heads at a time.

Our address: 396650, Voronezh region, Rossosh, Kolkhoznaya street 21 a

  • Aleinikosky incubator sells a day-old bird and laying hens