The company Miko-Product has been in the Russian market for 9 for years. We provide high-quality, environmentally friendly product grown in the open spaces of the Kuban. The main activity of our production is the cultivation of oyster mushrooms. Our team pays special attention to the quality of products. Anyone can purchase fresh, only cut oyster mushrooms, in any quantity. You can also buy from us the spent oyster mushroom substrate, based on sunflower husk, thermally treated and ash husk. The new branch of the company “Miko Product” is the cultivation of Trapezund hazelnut seedlings. our results and continue to actively develop and expand.

Our services: Oyster mushroom wholesale, spent substrate, sunflower husk ash, canned oyster mushrooms, mushroom substrate blocks, dried oyster mushrooms, I weight center, dried oyster mushrooms, I grade, packaged, Trapezund hazelnut seedlings, packed oyster mushrooms for sale.

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