We invite wholesalers and manufacturers to mutually beneficial cooperation for the sale of their goods in Siberia and the regions of the Far North.

We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation with LLC SIBTEK. Our company can offer you the widest range and range of services: the sale of your goods, the provision of storage facilities in the High North for the storage and sale of your products, become representatives of your products or dealers in our region. We always take into account the needs of partners and are ready to work on new projects to expand business opportunities. In our work, we, first of all, appreciate quality and professionalism, which allows us to remain in demand among clients with a variety of needs. Send your suggestions to the specified email address, we will be glad to new cooperation!

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Shanghai Huasheng Textiles LLC invites you to mutually beneficial cooperation!
Shanghai Huasheng Textiles is a professional textile company that develops in the following areas: the production of cotton fabrics for clothing, fabrics for cross-stitch embroidery, digital printing on fabrics, home textiles. The main products are velvet cord, flannel, khaki made of elastic yarn, poplin, calico and other fabrics for clothing. Our products are directly exported to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Europe, USA and other countries. We enter the domestic and international market with the best product, quality, service, reputation and reasonable offer.
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