Added search subscription feature

Now you can save search results by filters, as well as subscribe to email newsletters when new offers of selected search filters appear.

Example: we are interested in suppliers of auto parts of Russia working on dropshipping. Go to the menu item "Suppliers" and select the required search parameters from the filters:

Further, if we want to save this search and receive notifications about new suppliers of selected criteria, fill in the form, which is located directly under the filters:

In the Label write any clear filter notation
In the E-mail - Email address where new suppliers will be notified
Often notifications - the frequency of mailings. You can select the option without notifications via email, then you will not receive notifications by email.

No matter what period of notifications you select, the saved search will also be available in your personal account, as well as in the menu item "Searches" and on top of the filters.

To access your personal account, as well as to saved searches, you need to be registered on the site, and also save searches only after you log in to the site with your username and password. For unregistered users, managing and viewing saved searches on the site is not available, only email notifications are available.

If you have any questions about the function - leave comments below, or email us:


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