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I can not add an ad, writes "Access denied"

  1. With 23.05 2018, only registered users can add offers to the site. To register an account please go to this link

Why did you delete my ad?

Offers are deleted if they are inconsistent with the rules of the portal. Most often, ads are deleted for a reason:

  1. their duplication
  2. if these are offers from a supplier who does not provide wholesale
  3. or if the purpose of placing an ad is not searching for suppliers or buyers, but an attempt to influence the authority of the site in the eyes of search engines by mentioning the brand, or placing links to your site. (one of SEO promotion methods)

How do i fix my sentence?

In order to correct or delete your suggestions you need Sign in to the site under your username and password that you specified during registration before you create this ad, and go to the page of the advertisement itself, or in "My Account". After authorization you will see a link to delete or edit the material.

If you are unable to do everything described above, please email us with a description of the problem, and we will try to help you.

I added an ad without registration, how can I edit it now?

In order to manage your ad, you need to register on the site, and then write us an email with a request to bind the announcement ID: (your advertisement number) to the created account (indicate the login or Email on which the account was registered)

It is better to write to us from the mailbox, which is specified in the ad as a contact.

I can not log into my account

If you are unable to log in to your account, then the reason for this may be:

  1. You have not been registered before. To register, go to this link
  2. You did not enter the correct name or password. To recover your password, click on this link. You can also see your login and password in the email history that was specified during registration.

How do I contact the supplier?

  1. Use the contact information provided on the supplier’s page (announcement) in the "Contacts" tab
  2. Write a private message to the author of the announcement. To do this, on the advertisement page, go to the "Author" tab. If the tab "Author" on the page no - then the ad was submitted by an unregistered user. Only registered users can write personal messages to the authors.
  3. You can also leave your offer in the comments to the ad, indicating your contact details for communication.

When I add a supplier, I fill in all the forms, click "save", but I get the remark "You answered the control question incorrectly." The same story when trying to register. What kind of security question is this?

The control question is an antispam system in the form of a field "CAPTCHA "at the bottom of the page before the button" Save "" Register ". You just need to put a tick, and in some cases answer the control questions offered by the system.


If you do not have such a form as in the picture above - please write to the site support service.

How to raise (update, upnut) your offer?

The function is available only if you submitted the offer as a registered user. If your offer went down in the category list due to crowding out with other offers that were added after you, it’s enough to raise it to the top of the list. enter your account Paul login and password specified during registration, click "edit" the sentence, and just re-save it, even without making any changes to the texts. After you re-save your offer, it will again be at the top of the list of categories being submitted.

We have added a sentence to the site, now we are trying to add another one, but it’s impossible to save, writes that the phone (email) is already used in another ad.

Adding multiple ads under the same contact information is prohibited by the system to avoid duplication of the same offers and spam. That is, only one ad can be added to one phone number, email or website.

If you have ads that do not duplicate previous ones (different product groups for example), you can add it only if you specify other phone numbers, website and email in the contact information.

I paid for VIP status, but the offer is not allocated, and the premium blocks are not placed

After payment, activation does not occur immediately, but within 24 hours after being checked by the moderator. On weekdays and working hours, activation status usually takes several minutes. Re-trying to pay for the status is not worth it. About the status activation you will receive an alert via the email specified in the announcement. If the ad was not activated a day after the payment, please contact us at the specified contact details below.

If you have not found an answer to your problem, you can contact the online consultant for help by clicking on the "Tech Support Online" chat in the right corner of the site (available from 9-00 to 19-00 on MSK) or send us an email with a description of the problem.